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Default Need some help on wading boot widths

Hi from Singapore!

I hope some of you can share your experience with the Redington vs LLBean womens wading boot.

Willow River Wading Boot Sticky Rubber - Women's Footwear | Redington Fly Fishing

West Branch Aqua Stealth Wading Boots: Wading Shoes | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean

Specifically, which boot has a wider cut to accommodate a pair of Simms regular wading socks and neoprene stocking boot.

I have both size 7 and 8 LLBean boots - however whilst size 7 is true to size in terms of length, it isnt wide enough to accommodate the socks and neoprene. I am planning to order a Redington size 7 but like to know if anyone would be able to tell if it's cut wider than LL Bean. Being asian, my feet is slightly broader but no where near EE width.

I was visiting the US last year and tried 3 fishing shops but none of them carried women's wading boots. So i have to resort with trial and error mail order all the way to Singapore.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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