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Default Z-Axis versus One versus Scott Radian...

I'm kind of combining three threads here, but what started out with me vacillating in my regard for my 590 Z-Axis, and love of the Radian has shifted into total confusion. As you may have read on other threads I got my new Z-Axis as a Sage factory replacement for my broken SP, I went with a fast action rod as a change of pace from my two old Scott G series, nine foot four and six weights. Before I made the decision to get the Z-Axis (Sage wouldn't give me a few One), I read a lot of reviews of both the Sage One and Z-Axis. There were quite a few who preferred the Z-Axis with it's softer tip, so I pulled the trigger on the Z.

After lawn casting and fishing the Z-Axis three times I didn't love it. Even though it was obviously easy to cast, accurate and fished well, it was just sort of meh. I hate using vague clichés, but it lacked feel, I felt like I was just waving a stick in the air and the fly line shot out there. That's when I tested a new radian against it and fell in love with the Scott. It was just as fast and accurate, yet I could feel the rod load. That was it I was sold on the Radian and just waiting to put my Sage on ebay to help fund the sale until I found myself down in Sun Valley Idaho running a dog trial. During a break in the day I got to test cast my Z-Axis against a Sage One and Scott Radian.

That's when things got confusing; from reading reviews of the Z versus the One, I assumed the One would have less "feel" than the Z due to the stiffer tip, yet this rod seemed to me to match the Radian. It is definitely fast, but I can feel that rod load much more than my Z-Axis. I have owned Scott, Sage and Winston but always had a soft spot for Scott, so was leaning toward the Radian and really wanted to believe all the hype I was reading about it. After testing the three rods side by side by side, I still prefer the One and Radian over my Z-Axis, but it is basically a tie between the two. The two store salesman thought I was crazy as the Z-Axis is their all time favorite rods and would buy mine if they each didn't already have one.

No real question for you guys as I have now tested all three in person. I'm just confused how a slow action guy like me can prefer the feel of the faster One and Radian over the still fast, but softer tipped Z-Axis. I would be curious if there any out there who prefer the Z-Axis over the One, and if so, why?

Thanks, John

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