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Default Re: Z-Axis versus One versus Scott Radian...

Im in that camp. Although fairly different rods I have the Z-axis in 6wt and just picked up the One in 7wt for streamer fishing. I really like the One for chucking large articulated flies but I think the Z-axis is my all time favorite rod.

I picked the One after throwing the Xi3, TCX, and BIIIX. I actually had a hard time deciding between the TCX and the One. Oddly I loved the Winston in 5wt but not so much in 7wt. Some day the BIIIX in 5 wt will have to be added.

I use the 6wt Z-axis to throw big streamers with a sink tip when wet wading, nymph tandem rigs, and occasionally dries. I also love it for hopper fishing. I prefer the feel of the Z-axis and think it's a more multipurpose tool. For a fair comparison I would obviously have to test it against the One in 6wt instead of 7wt but I still feel I would pick the Z-axis. However, I don't like all ranges as I picked up a 10' 5wt Zaxis for nymphing and hated it. Used it twice and resold it for a profit. It felt like an unresponsive telephone pole to me. I replaced it with a 10' 4wt Helios and couldn't be happier.

I think the One is a great rod but if I was forced into a one quiver rod I would take the Z-axis every time.
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