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Default Re: Carp near Cheyenne/Laramie?

Originally Posted by jimbaker488 View Post
Try some dynamite.
Growing up in Missouri, I can remember catching them and something else called buffalo which was basically the same fish. Some times you might hook a really big one and not even realize it until you started reeling.
Didn't know anybody considered carp serious game fish, and definitely not worthy of discussion in the same conversation with trout.

I know several people who have actually stopped trout fishing all together in order to chase carp. They are a worthy adversary with a fly. It's not much different than chasing Bonefish on the flats, IMO. They're spooky, big, amd fight like trucks. They're tough to sneak up on, and will test your casting abilities, along with your patience. Many people still consider them trash fish, but that is certainly changing. I love chasing them, personally.
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