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Default Re: Broken rode =(

very nifty fix there gordon bryson. i've never heard of anyone fixing a rod in that manner. will deffinetly have to keep that in mind though.

as for our friend here and his problem. i don't know what kind of rod you've got for one thing. but i do know that it's fairly new or so it sounds from your post i've read. if it's under warranty then go that route. if it isn't our didn't come with a warranty at all. then i'd go with gordon bryson's fix.

nothing against his fix or anything else. always go with the warranty first if you can. save yourself some headaches later on.

but again very neat fix. may i ask where you learned this? or is this some wild brain fix? if it is must've been a big brain storming session to think of this one. because i never would've thought of that.
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