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Default Re: Knowing when a line is too light?

Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
The way I see it, and that doesn't always mean much, you have a few options

1. If you have the entire head of the line out of the rod and can't seem to load the rod still, then your line might be too light. (this assumes your casting is in good form and you aren't intentionally underlining to carry more line in the air)

2. common cents test on the rod and weighing the head of the line

3. Borrowing a higher wt line and casting with that. If that line feels better, your original line might be too light

I am experiencing #1 , problem is I am not that great a caster to begin with.

It is a 7 wt rod, and 7 wt line, but I feel very "uncoordinated " with this combo, I guess I could throw my reel with 9 wt line on it and see what happens?
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