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Default Re: Knowing when a line is too light?

Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
That might help a little bit at best but working on your cast might help better. The heavier line will help with short casts but won't do much when you want to start casting farther. It's like trying to tighten a bolt with a monkey wrench instead of a box wrench

I'm sure there is a local shop or member that could give you a few pointers
I am largely self taught. Time is my problem. When I get some free time I will schedule a lesson, or find time to work on this.

I started in the salt, surf fishing for striped bass, blues, albies, fluke.....

So I started with a ten weight, bought a few 8 weights after that and a nine weight.

This summer and last I have tried to become a freshwater fly fisherman, last summer with a 9 ft 5 wt in small rivers and the Deleware, the problem was I had/ still have very little clue how to catch trout and trout disapear in the summer. The movement of water in a river/stream hid some of my faults as far as where my line was going.

So this summer I picked up a 7 wt , nd targeted smallmouth which I can catch on spinning gear , but the 7 wt and the line were giving me fits. Fishing in ponds/lakes is similar to the salt in that the cast has to get out there where you want it, even more so than the salt as pond/lake water doesnt really move.

I am so used to throwing the heavier salt gear that I am not certain id it is my muscle memory or the line?
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