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Default Re: new to fly fishing large mouth bass

Buggers are my favorite for bass. I tie up some gawdy, ugly ones that seem to work better than just a plain olive or black one. Get some flashabou in there and some rubber legs and you are good to go. If you don't tie your own, standard buggers will catch LOTS of fish.

Try different stripping techniques just like you would try different retrieves using spinning gear and a plastic worm. Changing the level the fly is in under the water really attracts the fish. Stripping and pausing produces a lot of strikes. Sometimes a nearly steady retrieve works best. If you are skilled catching bass with other tackle, simply adapt those skills to your fly fishing gear.

There are lots of other flies that work. Experiment, bass are really cooperative. They are a great fish to hone your fly fishing skills on because you will catch lots of fish.
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