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Default Re: Enjoying the simplicity on a budget. Possible?

I love the pictures of the kids. Simplicity at its finest. I remember having my reel break when I was young and tying mono to my rod and using it like a cane pole. I caught fish and it was a blast.

I remember another trip to Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee fishing from a boat with cane poles, dropping jigs into the lilypads catching fish after fish. Tackle value...about 5 bucks. Memories...priceless.

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Originally Posted by ibcrewin View Post
I really like the idea of fishing the tenkara way; there's a simplistic beauty about it. The problem is that even at the low end, you're looking to drop $200 for a set up. When I got into fly fishing and even still now, you can get a beginner's outfit for $40-$60

Is it possible to enjoy the takara way on a budget?
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