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Thanks for the kind words. As I said, I'm rather tight when it comes to dumping a piece of equipment and I'm an engineer by education and a tinkerer by necessity.

I had repaired a fiberglass spinning rod several years ago using a single piece of metal, but the spinning rod does not get the flexing action that a fly rod does. The spinning rod is still functioning, in fact, my grandson landed a three pound bass on it Friday afternoon.

When I broke the Cortland, I tried the same fix as I'd used on the spinning rod. However, to reduce weight I used an aluminum screw. This worked okay initially (you can chuck the screw in a drill motor, turn it on and use a file to turn it to size where it will fit snugly in the rod), and the epoxy will fill in the screw threads that are left. The aluminum however didn't have the strength to resist the flexing and it fatigued and broke again. This was when I decided I had to have more strength in the reinforcing.

Actually, the three pieces of piano wire work similar to reinforcing steel in concrete as they are imbedded in the epoxy. Also, in the first fix I didn't sand the beveled joint like I did in the second fix.

So far I haven't been able to tell any difference in the way the rod casts, but I'm sure there is some. It's really a pretty simple fix, descdribing it makes it sound more complicated. I'm sure some of the pro rod builders could improve on it, but then, most people would reason that the repair would negate the action of the rod. Again, I don't worry about things like that, I just want a rod I can fish with.
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