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Default Leader and Tippett help

Sorry for all my questions on this whole fly fishing hobby but I need some more help.

As I accumulate gear and accessories I have more and more questions, this time on leaders and tippets.

Getting 3wt line for my Trout II #1 and probably 6wt for my Kraken 2. Both will be setup with butt ends between the lines and leaders. I need to make an initial purchase of loop-end tapered leaders and tippets. What is your advice?

Here is what I "thnk" I need/should get. That will cover both the 3 & 6wt lines.

Orvis Super Strong Leaders
1 or 2 each in 7.5' and 9'

Orvis Super Strong Nylon Tippett:
One of each

The looped-leader will be used for small trout to bass and blue gill.

Is this a good variety to cover my needs for both setups and the fishing I will encounter? Or, what do you suggest?
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