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Default Re: Trout Fishing Near Northern Virginia

In the late fall I'm normally 15'-25' up a tree with a bow in my hand. If not I would be on the Bay or lower Potomac. I still haven't broken that 40" mark on rockfish with the fly.

As far as trout, with the browns spawning in the fall I don't like to mess with spawning fish. I don't have anything against somebody that does. It's just that in a state with so few wild trout streams I want to give them every chance I can.

But in late December and January the little black stoneflies start. When there is a warm enough day and I feel like getting out, I will hit Big Hunting or Savage. I have had both fish well high sticking pocket water, sight nymphing when possible and my favorite is when they are taking dries. I have had both fish well with dries when the only rise I saw was on my fly. I seldom (never) do weekends and have never felt crowded in the winter on these two. And I get to feeling crowded easy.

I'm not sure about Beaver Creek. I've only been there a couple times. I just keep forgetting about it as it was closed to public for many years. I'm sure a call to Beaver Creek Fly Shop will get better answers than I can give.
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