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Default Re: Knowing when a line is too light?

Originally Posted by cb View Post
I recommend you borrow/buy a 'soft' rod - an old glass rod or even cane would do nicely - and just get a feel for 'working' with a fly line. I recently put a softer actioned rod in the hands of actually quite a good caster and the surprise and joy was a delight to see. (It was a new Hardy 'Glass' 7ft #3 - with #3 line)

Most people have forgotten that bendy rods make fly casting easy and a pleasure!



PS. I make the assumption here that your light line is not working the rod because the rod is stiff - and thus you need to do more with your wrist/flick and left hand hauling (more advanced techniques). Softer rods do the work for you!

PPS. Take a softish fly rod with fly line to practise on grass. Cast horizontally with a fixed length of line (say x3 of rod) and simply false cast (back and forth) keeping the rod and cast parallel to the ground at waist height. False cast without hitting the ground until you can do it with your eyes shut. Once mastered and natural you now have the feel of a fly rod!
great advice, thanks
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