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Default My First 9 WT

My new TFO Pro II 9' 9WT finally arrived this weekend. I am using a new Allen prototype reel on it that Justin loaned me just so he could prove how cool he is. Strung it up with some WF10 that was already on the reel and started casting in the front yard. This rig casts a long way for me. I was having a blast throwing the line way out there and watching it land straight out in the grass.

The weight difference for me from the 5WT BVK with the Guru is amazing though. After casting for a while I could really feel it. I am going to have to cast this thing every single day to get acclimated to tossing so much more weight. It is balanced nicely though with the balance point being right in the center of the grip.

I'm getting really excited about going to Michigan in less than two weeks and chasing whatever is hungry in the Pere Marquette or Manistee. Pretty sure this rig will handle them.
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