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Default Lump on side of trout

Sorry couldnt find this anywhere online, every time I try and google it I get stuff that is no where near what I want.

Anyways this past weekend I was out fishing a little local resevoir that is full of stocked rainbows. I caught one fish that didnt seem to put up much of a fight. When I got it into the dock I noticed that there was a lump/growth on its side. The lump was about centered about halfway inbetween its adipose and dorsal fin. Almost right on its lateral line.

I didnt get a good look the slipper thing slipped back out of my hand but it was a white lump that was about as big around as a dime and stuck out 1/4" maybe a little bit more. The fish I thought was going to die after it fell back in the water it just floated there so I got down on my belly and cradled it and moved it back and forth untill it swam away but even then it just floated down to the bottom of the water and sat there for a few minutes before rocketing off into the darkness chasing a baby bass.

I guess first off, What could the lump be?

Second: Ethically if/when someone catches a fish like this, should they keep it (pending its legal to keep)? I kept an eye out for a floating fish but never saw one the few hours I was there, and it did seem pretty energetic when it chased the baby bass.
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