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I've been a dry fly bigot pretty much for as long as I can remember. The visual aspect of fishing adds significantly to my enjoyment.

My home waters primarily support a large caddis fly population, so I fish with a very active presentation. I tend to view my fly as a puppet, so I very much like to see what it is doing. I will also say that my home waters have a very diverse population of prey, so the fish rarely feed selectively on a single species, rather I think they are in the habit of feeding opportunistically, taking whatever happens to come along. That allows me to successfully fish the way I want to fish, and that might not be the case in all waters. Of course, that may be the fact that initially attracted me to fish where I fish.

I think the other thing with me is I've been doing this so long, my strike reflex is keyed to a visual cue. Seeing the take is what triggers my strike reflex. I find I react alot slower when I feel a take, rather than see it.

It's particularly exciting to me, when fishing clear water to see the fish approach the fly getting ready for the take. Sometimes it's a slow approach, sometimes the fish shoots up thru the water column like a Polaris missile. In either case, it's a fun game not to over react or pull the trigger too soon. It is a fun game I never get tired of playing.

I've pretty much fished this way my whole life, so out of force of habit, it's what I like to do. I find I can catch more than my fair share of fish on top, whether there are hatches going on or not. I have confidence that if I use the right presentation, the fish will respond.

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