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Default Lost Somewhere in Trout Fishing!!!!

I am lost somewhere in the middle of trout fishing's nowhere. I am confused about certain aspects of trout fishing, such as catching them consistently.I don't get a chance to go for trout often because of my location (right in the middle of Ohio), but when I do, I have problems gettin' bit. I am unfortunate enough that I've never seen a hatch, much less been on the water during one, so I am sorta confused there, but my main problem is catching fish sub-surface. This 'll sound weird, but I beleive I have a better grasp on nymphs than most other flies. Maybe this is because I have used them 90% of the time for steelies. I am interested in streamers and wets, but am not sure what to throw when I do get time on the stream. I have Micky Finns, Clousers, Black Nosed Daces,Buggers,Squirlle Tails,Carrie Specials,Dark Spruces, Squirlle Spruces, Ballou Specials, and various multi color bucktail streamers, such as Brown over Yellow with gold tinsel body, and Green over Red with a Grey dubbed body ribbed with silver tinsel and a white underwing.For wets I have Black and Peacocks, SJWs, and a few various other wets including Diawl Bachs. Can any one give me a map outtta here?????
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