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Default Re: Pairing for Scott Radian 5wt

Originally Posted by glacierjohn View Post
Please add your thoughts on the Radian to the Radian thread in the Rod's section. I totally get what you are saying about 4 weight fast action rods. My favorite around rod is my four weight Scott G904/4, and I have another slower action three weight Winston WT. Slow-medium action and light line sizes seem to go well together.

Did you compare the Radian to ant other rods?


As for others rods to compare, in the last few years I have owned and fished these fast action rods. Winston B3X, Sage One and Scott S4. In my opinion it fishes closest to the B3X in terms of feel but with more power if that makes sense. I never fished a Sage One that I liked at all. The S4 had no feel but lots of power. The Radian encompasses a lot in terms of casting feel and power in my opinion. The 5 and 6 line Radians really shine.
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