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Default Re: Lost Somewhere in Trout Fishing!!!!

Okay, so you are in the middle of Ohio. Are you fishing a certain angry river? If not you should. It is in central Ohio and holds a lot of browns and some decent rainbows. Let me know if you donít know what river I am talking about.
I agre, there are fewer hatches that are obvious around here. I see some that are very small bugs (and Iím no entomologist by far) and when I see the fish rising, I am ahrd pressed to actually see the bugs (might be feeding on emergers but I still catch them on dry)
For nymphs, Beadhead hairís ear or squirrel tails work well here, copper johns as well. I always do well with dry flies on that river as well as emergers and spyders (soft hackle).

I like Frankís advice, but I have found wooly worms tend to work a tad better than buggers here. I rarely fish streamers, but guys catch them on roostertails a lot so Iím sure they will hit that black-nosed dace or mickey finn you gotÖ

Summer can be tough, and in my opinion any trout fisherman looking to catch consistently is going to be disappointed.
Sadly I was skunked last week on smallies (and thatís the first time in years that has happened) on the LMR. I fished a great streach for 4 hours and never got one smallie, just a sunfish and a rockbass (and a bite from a gar I could not hook).
So even with a ďsure thingĒ like smallies (for me anyway) it is not always going to happen.
We go hunting, not killing and we go fishing, not catchingÖ it happens.

But terrestrial can do well here too in summer.

PM me if you have any spot questions as I know it can be difficult to access that angry river sometimes.
Keep at it! Frank is right, the more you fish an area the better understanding of it you will have.
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