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Default Re: Reel for Salmon Fishing

I flyfish for a few different types of salmon in our river system in BC Canada. I have caught everything from pink, coho (silver), chum, and spring (king). I have tried a few different reels from loop, sage, allen, ross, system II, and an older gloomis.

I like the allen alpha II. I bought it when it first came out. Strong and smooth and have a nice drag set range. I wish I did not sell it. It is a good work horse.

I also like the ross momentum LT4. It by far has the strongest drag and range. I like how you can set the drag tight without the drag knob getting tighter to turn. It is also very smooth.

I have had a loop fail on me twice. First the screw for the drag knob won't come out. Second, the drag stuck and have to be sent it and causing the reel to stop turning.

Sage is nice. but the drag setting is not as strong. If you are going to palm the reel, then no problem there. the 4200 series is what I had. I like the 1 360 degree turn drag. However, you can't really fine turn the setting as it only has 18 setting (micro setting) for 1 complete turn.

I will be using a nautilus nv with the bigger drag hub this year. Cant give you much input on it yet but so far by playing with it and taking it apart (finally learnt how), it looks and feels very good.
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