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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
This is a good topic and I'm sure there will be quite a variety reflected in the replies. I'm old school and it took a very long time for me to come around to using modern technology for cold and wet fishing conditions. I still can be found sporting vintage Lewis Creek wax cotton or my trusty Filson wax jacket but I do own a Simms also.

I like wax jackets and have been wearing them since 1980 when I bought a Hoggs of Fife as my first. They are warm and unless the conditions are extreme or you are camping, they are just fine. The Simms G-3 that I have has been a very consistent piece of gear as far as keeping me dry. My 2 favorite features are the large hood with a good stiff brim to extend over a cap, and the neoprene cuff cinching strap design. I can reach right into the river without getting a wet sleeve inside the jacket.

For good looks in moderate conditions I wear Filson. When I drive an open hulled river boat 70 miles through driving rain at 44* & 35 miles an hour, I wear the Simms.

I understand the Wax Jackets myself, used them for many years, with the extreme conditions here in the winter fishing the Sandy River, I'm glad Simms has my back. One of my favorite features is the hand warmer pockets. G. Loomis is making the new Max Jacket and it has been tested and proven for at least one winter. Me personally though, I love my Simms
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