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Default Re: New Memeber, TFO Deer Creek Value

Yes that rod will be very well suited for the rivers your fishing and the size of the fish. The steelhead in those systems you mentioned don't get particularly large so the 6 weight is fine. In fact the trinity river calls for a 5 weight spey or switch during some seasons, so don't worry about being undergunned.

The TFO deer creek is a hard rod to beat at it's price point, and you got one for under $300 so thats a steal. The deer creek was designed and influenced by bob meiser (#1 most legendary spey rod builder in history), and Mike kinney I beleive, mike is one of the best spey fisherman in the world. Point is, the guys that developed that rod knew what they were doing, so don't worry about rod performance.

If I were you I would line that rod with an airflo scandi compact maybe in 390 or 400 grains, and a .30 rio powerflex or connectcore running line (the green one). The scandi compact is THE easiest line on the market to learn spey casting with. Given that its a scandinavian taper, it won't chuck big heavy flies and heavy sink tips such as t-14, but it will handle decent size streamers with sinking poly-leaders for your steelhead application. If you need to get deeper, later on you can get an airflo rage compact or skagit compact, but for now just focus on a scandi line.

If you want to indicator nymph, the easiest thing would be a switch line. I recommend the scandi compact first b/c its much better for spey casting. The switch line however, will allow you to overhand cast, high stick nymph and spey cast. Rio makes a good switch line, and so does wulff. The wulff switch line is called the wulff ambush, its a good line but is made more for heavy sink tips and big flies, so its not as easy to learn on. So I think for a good switch line, I would start with the standard rio switch line, not the switch chucker. The switch chucker is much like the wulff ambush so for now, best to go with the standard switch line.
Anyway, thats my 2 cents, let me know if you have any more questions regarding all things spey.
P.S. when it comes time to get a full blown spey, a 13 or 12'6" 7 weight might be the best choice. I use a 13'6" 7 weight myself, so when the time comes I can answer questions regarding rod length and the pros and cons.
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