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Default Re: Case Knives on clearance at Gander Mt.

Hadn't stumbled on that thread yet.

I have a couple of small liner lock folders that I've carried off and on for years (and some bigger ones that pretty much just stay in a drawer). I find, however, that some people get intimidated by even vaguely "tactical" looking knives. I've had a number of experiences with some friends, an ex-girlfriend and a couple of family members where I've lent them a liner lock to do whatever cutting task they were doing and they were visibly uncomfortable using it, and even more uncomfortable trying to close it and not knowing how.

A couple of times in particular this involved me lending out my Kershaw Vapor (wrote Leek the first time, I was wrong), which I used to pretty much EDC, a very un-intimidating knife to my eye that still flustered people.

I also work at a university where there are clearly posted "No Weapons" signs all over the place. Now, in most jurisdictions the 2 7/8" blade on my Vapor would not be considered a weapon, but the state of Wisconsin does not have a standard definition of when a knife becomes a weapon, so it's left up to local jurisdictions... and, from what I've read, sometimes with a lack of guidance LEOs just decide to hassle folks (presumably very rare, but I've heard tell). Generally when I'm going about my business on campus there would be no reason for an LEO to bother me, but I can just imagine a situation where I'm standing in front of a class and need to sharpen a pencil, or sitting in my office opening a package, and having some student walk by and having the kind of knee-jerk reaction that my ex had on a couple of occasions. In that kind of situation I think it would be easier to explain how my pretty little Muskrat isn't a weapon than to explain how my "scary" little liner locking Vapor isn't one.

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