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Default 8WT Recommendations

So I think I have my 5wt all squared away but now I'm trying to figure out what rod I want to use on my 8wt setup I'm open to some suggestions but there are also a few that i would like some feedback on...

Lake and pond use for largemouth, throwing big stuff in open so somewhat windy conditions regularly.
Chasing stripers in some of the bigger tributaries and the brackish to salt water of the bay.

I know I want a rod that will be safe for salt water becuase this is the one I will take to the beach and so on. My 5wt will handle my smaller freshwater situations. I think that most of the rods will be safe in salt water honestly..

anyway, there are a couple I was looking at mostly because they are on closeout right now and after setting up the 5, funds are running
The first being the Hardy Uniqua in a 9' which I can grab for 199. and the second being a 10' redington CPX that would run under 160. Others I am considering are the Echo ION, or Edge SW.. or maybe the greys carnivoe or XF2 salt (Although the color is way bright and kind of puts me off)..

Let's hear it!
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