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Default Unguided Fly Fishing Journey

Hi all, I am not a big contributor here on the site, but I often cruise through the different threads reading. I am here to tell this wonderful trip that two friends and I are making. After working in a fly shop in Cooper Landing, AK all summer, we are now headed south on a road trip to the Florida keys. During this trip we will be filming a documentary which we have called 'Unguided'. If you would like to follow along, join us to fish for a day, or see where we are headed next, you can follow us on our facebook page; just send a PM and I'll send the link to you.
The whole point of this trip is to reach out to the fly-fishing community and see who we meet along the way. I figured this would be a good place to meet a few nice people who would want to fish.

Edit: This will be a production



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