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Default Tarpon!!bass!!! Panfish!! Anything!!!

Hey guys, new member here, i've been checking in on this site and finally decided to join up a week ago because i'm borderline desperate!!!
I have been fly fishing the florida keys, biscayne bay and tamiami trail for a few years. I'm self taught and definitely no where near a pro but, I don't find making a 60ft cast accurately to difficult. Regardless, I can't find a spot that produces anything even remotely consistently.
I'm not asking for anyone's secret spot although i'd gladly accept any lol I fish purely for the sport aka 100% catch and release so I wouldn't be clearing out anyones fishing spot. And I'm neck deep in school work most weekends so I couldn't destroy someones spot even if i wanted to.
Anyways what I'm really here for is the down and dirty truth about which flies actually work in the miami area!!!! To date I have had success with only three flies and only one has caught the target species.
So on that note, I beg you for some help lol type of fly, color patterns, stripping tips anything lol I'm willing to chase anything from panfish to tarpon and anything in between. I most commonly fish for peacocks, LM bass, carp, tarpon and panfish (to be honest anything that will bite would make me happy lol I'm addicted to the sport lol)
thanks for any help!!!!
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