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Default Re: Wooly Bugger questions

I want to weigh in here and swing my purse a little bit so don't complain about the length of my skirt.

I gave up using Chenille for Wooly Buggers long ago. I just use Yarn.
Yarn can also be brushed-out, using the Gun-Cleaning Brush that is like a wire toothbrush. Also, you can brush your teeth with it, and get a bright smile. Then you can use it for the gun-cleaning.

Any wire I use for weight, I now tend to tie in-line with the length of the Hook Shank, about 1/8 " behind the eye of the hook. Sometimes I use lead,
but I think copper has magical properties, so I use 1/4" of 14 gauge for heavily weighted streamers, and lighter wire for small stuff.

Also, for running streamers at / near bottom, it can be weighted on the opposite side of the Hook Point, which will flip the Hook Point skyward.

Currently, I am tying Polly Rosborough's (1932 era)
"Casual Dress Nymph" and substituting some Craft Fur and Light Gray
"Uni Mohair" for the tail and body. I happened to find the Uni-Mohair, which looks like a kind of "dubbed" thread at the bargain bin of Angler's All in Denver, CO. I never even knew they made it.

I have looked for Mo-Hair Sweaters at the Thrift stores, hoping to Cannibalize the stuff from some clothing. One sweater would be a lifetime supply of Mohair dubbing, but I cannot find Mohair clothing anywhere.

I think there is some Mohair "yarn" at the craft stores, but it seems to be almost a different product that goes by the name for the Crafters and so forth.


Good topic.
Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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