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Default Clear Intermediate Sinking Lines

I began using a stealthy line with streamers a couple of years ago, Cortland 444 Classic Intermediate Clear Fly Line WF6, being the first I tried. This was very clear and supple and fished beautifully, but I managed to step on it last season and mash it pretty good. So I decided to replace it. I went with Orvis Access Clear Intermediate Fly Line WF 6 CLEAR this time. I picked this up from Cabelas but it was shipped direct from the factory. Imagine my surprise when I got this stuff. It was a completely different animal. First of all it was blue instead of clear. Secondly it handled like Tygon tubing streamside. I never did get it to relax enough to not look like a slinky. OK so that was a bust. Anyway, nobody in customer service wanted to discuss beyond - send it back to Cabelas. Let's talk.
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