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Default Re: Fishing The Mile in October

Jhardin80, you can throw smaller stuff with a 4 wt, like smaller buggers and spiders and such, but throwing anything with a bit of weight and or sink tip in the wind will be very hard. 6 and 7 wts are recomended for fishing the bigger flies. I can give a quick report on both sections of river, as I was at both sections this weekend. Grey reef at the dam fished well in the evening with all fish taking a black bead head pine squirrell leech or a size 16 annelid. heavier tippet is a must and try to keep the fish out of the weeds. Floating the reef sucked this weekend. So many weeds, and the wind gusted to 45 mph. Rowing was a ***** in the wind and weeds. We only got 6 fish during the float. Headed over to the mile after that. The roads were fine, only because the wind dried them out from the moisture it got on friday. It looked like the roads were a mess on friday from all the rutts left in the road. The mile fished decent early with anelids and cranefly larva taking fish. Then, of course the winds picked up and the fishing went south. Streamer bite was not on at all, had a few browns follow, but that was about it. The guys floating the river throwing streamers told me they were not having success either. It was just just a tough weekend overall for less than 30 fish between us
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