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My Internet went out yesterday so I'll try this on the phone. I had thought about using some modified bonefish patterns for crayfish. The fish keep eating them Pax. Specials so I never got around to it.

My tying ain't bad,it's just a pita on some stuff because I'm missing half of my left thumb. I just call the crooked dries "cripples". Some of my saltwater stuff I won't put much effort in because them bluefish just demolish them when they're around.

On that section of the Patuxent its mostly surrounded by farms. So yeah, I agree an many areas you could yell all day without being heard by a person.

Hopefully GP will chime in and let us know how it went. I've been wanting to get up there but went to the tail water instead a few times. Just wanted to see how it is. The areas I went there showed lots of signs of bait dunking.
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