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Fishing the Manistee you will be below Tippy dam-that spot can be messy.
I prefer High Bridge and walk down along the river until I find a spot I can wade into. If the water is high it can be hard to stand in water waist deep. I have not seen it nor have I read about it right now. will have up to date reports. be careful the flat sandy bottom looks inviting. Also watch out for 20lb salmon flying out of the water.
The PM (pere Marquette) has great water all over. Head to the town of Baldwin. there is a Orvis shop there called the PM lodge ( have rooms and a full service shop and guides, there's also Baldwin Bait and Tackle-good guys there.
You can hit the areas called Green Cottage The Cabins, Gleason's Landing-on the PM those are nice trout waters and Steelhead waters. I have never targeted salmon on the PM. I am not sure in the Steel is on the way in yet-usually a little later in the year. If it were me I'd hit the undercut banks for trout with streamers and order salmon at the local eatery

You can also go to the Betsie River in a town called Thompsonville. Between Thompsonville and Frankfurt there's great salmon water. Pretty narrow water with deep pockets and holes for big fish.

So, good luck. This is the time of year where people can get serious about their spots. So add a little booze and it can become festive. Isolated but festive. The area CO's are fine as long as you are legal-but they are spread thin in that area. Best bet is that if you see something illegal then call the RAP hotline. They will show up.
I have been seeing lots of reports of steelhead showing up now in the Manistee and the Kings are hot and heavy in both Pere Marquette and the Manistee. Are there less people in the Pere Marquette and the Betsie? I like catching fish but too many people are a drag.

Thanks for the info!
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