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Default Re: Enjoying the simplicity on a budget. Possible?

Originally Posted by neversink View Post
I haven't been back to the forum for sometimes and the first thing popped into my eyes are Tenkara? Very cool!

From the pserspective of a Japanese angler growing up with both tenkara and western fly fishing, I'm quite sure the entry bar for Tenkara is not as high as buying any given hand rod flexible enough to manage the casting.

However, if you are doing level-line tenkara fit for more versatile style including drift fishing, then you will surely make your investment's worth by buying professionally built tenkara rod to the specification. Long story short, I can't do it without proper Tenkara rod.

If not, then I can tell you that I made my first hand rod catch of trout with artificial fly tied at the end of 6 feet leader at the end of my telescopic chub rod. I only caught 1 cherry salmon while my dad caught more than 5 using proper tenkara rod.
That is a very good point. As I said earlier, I started fishing a fixed-length line system using a $15 crappie pole, what I didn't say earlier, I was using a furled line. As you say, that makes a very big difference. I had to play around with the furled line design for a while to get it to cast the way I wanted.

It's not unusual to be able to easily turn over a furled line without using any rod at all, just holding it directly in one's hand. I certainly can't do that using a single strand level line.

I think you are spot on when you say you do need a properly designed tenkara rod to fish a level line. Maybe not so much to fish a furled line. But in all cases, it certainly is alot more pleasant to fish a rod that was designed for the application for which it is being used.

The more you know, the less you need.

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