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Default Me or the rod?

I will they to explain what is happening with out totally confusing you all.

Gear: Allen ATS 9' 6wt rod with Kraken #2. Rio Gold 6wt Floating line with Joni's 5/6 hi-vis 5' furled and about 4' of 4X Tippett and a bugger in size 10 or so.

Here's the problem. I went out to practice some casting at a local pond (don't allow fishing but practice casting is fine). My line was laying out only decently. Occasionally I had some nice casts but mostly the last 10' of Rio line was sort of falling/laying out in a wiggly line / lazy "S". The furled leader seemed to lay out fine or at least as well as my ability would allow. I did have some decent breeze at my back but it did seem to swirl at times due to the large eucalyptus trees surrounding the pond.

Here is something I noticed about the rod that I have a concern with. Not so much the rod but maybe my technique. Trying to learn again with just the basics I was taught many, many years ago I noticed that when I get to the 10 o'clock position to "pause" for a split second (or what ever the correct term is) I noticed the top third of the rod is sort of shaking back and forth. The tip of the rod shakes the same as if you were to hold your rod where it should be on the cork handle and then bump, with your other palm, a little higher up above the cork handle.

Could this wiggling or shaking of the upper 1/3 of the rod during my "pause" cause the line to not lay out properly? At this point I have no way of filming and posting my cast. my son and I will be taking a casting class from our local shop in the next couple months to help us out.

Btw, I didn't seem to have this same issue with my Xa 6'6" 3wt and Trout II #1 with Rio Trout 3wt floating line. And not with another entry level rod and reel I have in its 6wt setup. All these cast seemed pretty good comparatively speaking to the ATS 6wt setup.

Any ideas fellas?
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