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Default Line for Winston Tom Morgan Favorite

I was recently able to obtain an older IM6 TMF, based on a Loomis blank.

I haven't got it on the water yet, but have been out on the yard casting away with it. I really like the feel of it, even when compared to my Scoot G.

Anyway, loaded it up with RIO Trout LT WF4F line, and it loaded and cast great. Then tried the same make and style of line, but in WF3F. This proved too light, as it was hard to load the rod and really get any feel out of it.

I must say that at times the 4wt line seemed a bit much.

Now to the question...Morgan has said that the rod is more like a 3 1/2 has anyone tried a 3+ wt line on a TMF?

Am thinking about the SA GPX line, which is a 1/2 weight heavier, which would put the line right at what Morgan is saying the rod is.

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