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Default Have any of you ever quit fishing?

I, up until the last 6 months, have fished every week for the last 8 or so years. My only friends were fishing buddies and we would fish rain or shine. 6 months ago I felt a lot of other negative pressures in my life really starting to build up. These pressures took a toll on me emotionally and instead of escaping into fishing I basically just shut down. It was crazy, it just didn't seem fun anymore, so, I just stopped. Didn't even look back...

So it's been 6 months and I've done lots of searching. My life has balance once again. I feel right with my family, my job, my home situation, and car. Everything once again feels at peace.

I want to re-invent the type of fisherman that I am. Chasing species at key times, right conditions, with little regard for distance. I don't wanna just fish garbage water every weekend just for the sake of being able to say I went fishing. I think I'm making the decision to fish less but really focus on what I enjoy most out of the sport. No more trolling plugs in circles around the lake. Forget climbing the boulders on the big lake to whip spoons over and over, just hoping to connect. I'm sick of bobbers, annoyed with rod holders, and sick of freezing my berries while ice fishing.

Well maybe I still wanna Ice fish...

Anyways, I type this on the eve of my first fishing trip in 6 months. I am nervous and excited all at once though I feel like it will still fit just like my old visor. Wish me luck, two days of chasing salmon and trout up the Lake Michigan coast line. Nice to see a lot of the same names here.
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