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Default Re: Me or the rod?

Originally Posted by fq13 View Post
Dude! You broke the guy code! Its the rod. Quick, buy a new one (in a different weight) and tell the wife the experts say you got hoodwinked by con artists and bought a piece of junk through no fault of your own. You had no choice but to buy that new Sage. And of course the reel and line were **** too, so they need to be replaced, but you'll keep them as backups.
I figured it wasn't me so I guess I'm going to go and get me on of them Clutch Rods. I guarantee if I spend $775 on a rod I will cast like a seasoned veteran by 2:30pm.

Really, thanks for the replies fellas. I know it is me and inexperience in general. It was my first time with that rod so I need lots of alone time with it. Hope the wife doesn't get jealous.

As Ard said, I need to watch vids and read the material too. Like going back to college again.
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