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Default Re: Alligator in central Indiana

Yeah, I've just never been able to understand the draw to keep a reptile large enough to consume you as a pet.
Interestingly enough, there was an update in the local paper this morning saying the alligator in question was most likely not a pet and had definitely never had any exposure to humans based on it's response to being handled at the rescue where it was taken. The handler there said his opinion/theory was that someone vacationing down south probably saw it crossing the road or something, grabbed it for a souvenier and then dumped it.

Really hoping his theory is correct. Gators have been on the planet quite a bit longer than we have, thinking they've learned a thing or two about adaptation to different environments over the last few million years. Gotta say I'm not crazy about the idea of them figuring out how to make it in the climate up here. The big carp than ran into my leg the other day almost made me soil my waders, pretty sure bumping into something like this would do the job all the way.
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