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Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

Get some hooks in sizes 8 through 12, or even 14.

Go to the local hardware store and get some bead chain--the stuff you pull to make a ceiling fan turn on and off.

Go to a craft store and get a bag of pheasant feathers--dyed, natural, it all works, and it's pretty cheap.

I use a brown thread for the natural colored feathers, and a colored thread for the dyed stuff.

Then tie up some Briminators!

It's a one-feather fly, and catches fish like crazy. I've had my best success with copper colored bead chain, but there have been days when the chartreuse bead chain or the black performed best. Grey, chrome, and gold will work, too.

It's a super easy tie, and effective as all get out. Just google "Briminator" and you'll find a step by step (many, actually). Any of the SxS that mention it as a single feather fly would be what I would start with. The fancier or thicker this fly gets the worse it performs, in my experience. It also performs very well when super chewed up. It's an all around great fly.

The only negative to it is that it doesn't sink super fast in current, because of the bead chain not being super heavy. But I've tied some with little brass or lead eyes, and they will get down pretty quick.

Toss it out there, and experiment with how you strip it back in. I've caught Bream, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Carp, Yellow Perch, Chub/Fallfish, and I'm sure something I'm forgetting on it. I've never tried it in coldwater, but I've heard it will pull trout as well.
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