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Default Re: Tarpon!!bass!!! Panfish!! Anything!!!

It always amazes me how many non residents proclaim Fl. to be a land of fish! It certainly was when I was a kid but that was a long time ago. Fishing is sporadic at best in Fl. even for bait fishermen. Sadly we live in a state where development, golf and big business far out weigh any environmental issue. There is a vast oxygen depleted zone off Naples. Gobs of tar sit on the Gulfs bottom. Inshore its virtually impossible to fish off a boat and not have boaters violate a reasonable space around you. If your in a kayak, you are literally a target in a game where the goal is to swamp you. And, don't even get me started on the guides who feel the water is there private property. The Gov.'s first act was to disband the Dept. of Environmental Protection, place permitting under the Dept. of Transportation and end all water pollution criminal investigations.

So original poster don't feel that you are alone, every Fl. angler is struggling just like you.
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