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Default 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

After seeing fly rods like the Sage bass rods, Redington's Predator, and Ross's flystik that are all mainly geared toward bass fishing, Ive noticed all are fairly short. They all say this is because bass tournaments don't allow longer rods. I'm confused on whether the length makes a large difference, or possibly hinders the caster's abilities. I fish lakes and ponds on shores without much overhead obsticals, or in kayaks or floats with no obsticals and do not intend on entering and bass tournaments any time soon. For kayak fishing it would seem to make sense to me that you would want a longer rod so you could have a higher point to throw around your line and not have it hit water on the front or back cast. For someone who has no preference to length, and only wishes the best rod, what is better? Shorter or longer?

FYI my intention is to buy a 7 or 8 weight, if that makes any difference to anybody, Thanks to all
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