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Default Re: Pike / Muskie fishing

The problem I have with bunny strip flies is they hold a lot of water, making them tiring to cast. Also, if not weedless (and sometimes even with weed gurads) the bunny strip tends to foul on the hook during the cast, ruining the effectiveness of the fly. My favorites are tied with marabou - 2 flared reds first, with 2 flared white (or yellow or chartrouse) tied over and outside them. Then add 10 pieces of pearl flashabou on top, about 2" longer than the wings. 2 large dumbell eyes (tungsten is best) tied on the bottom of the head help bring strikes and focus the fish on the front of the fly, where the hook is. The fly can be tied hook point up, between the wings, which makes it virtually weedless. A mylar tube boidy (or wound silver tinsil chenille) adds flash, if you want to bother. Also works great in all-black. The flies are surprisingly tough, and I've taken 15 - 20 fish on one, and they are easily repaired in the field with a few spare feathers. Use plenty of head cement or epoxy on all your wrappings. Don't forget a Tyger Wire-type bite tippet or you'll lose some big fish.

Good luck.

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