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Default Lamson Litespeed & Velocity - some of the best reels ever made - On Sale!

The Litespeed has long been Lamson's flagship - and now it's getting a makeover. It's good news, because the reel is getting an even larger arbor. It's better news because you can buy the Alox II version for over 25% off.

At a mere 3.7 ounces in the 5-weight size, you'll barely know it's there.

Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel

While not quite top of the line, the Velocity and Velocity Nickel series of reels have always punched above their (also very light) weight class.

Choose between the Velocity - Lamson Velocity Fly Reel

and the Velocity Nickel - Lamson Velocity Nickel Fly Reel

As always with Trident, you'll get free shipping with no minimum order.

Most sizes in stock!
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