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Default Re: Cabelas is out to get us!

Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
The guys at my local Cabelas wont do that. I have been told this very clearly several times.

Im close to getting a switch, but i really shouldnt, id like to research them abit more, but I would like a new 5wt reel, hence the WLx. I have the 2.0 and its a great reel, i wouldnt mind buying 2 or 3 of them honestly.
Hey stl_geoff
I have the 11' 7wt LSI from Cabelas and just starting my second season with it. Compared to a St. Croix of the same config, this is a feather...and almost too light in the hands (if that's possible). The handles are a bit small diameter for my meathooks but overall, I really...REALLY like the rod.

I have a pfluegar trion 1990 on it and went to the RIO Switch Line 7. I took me some time to get onto 2 handing it but because of its weight, one-handing is easy...easy....easy on the shoulder....mind you, for steels my other main rod is a 10' on a IM6 blank.

The reel seat....with the double locking lugs is good but for the 1990, its a bit tight getting it on. You basically need to have the lugs all the way backed off. But, looking at it another way, there is not a lot of exposed seat once the reel is on either.

Yesterday, I was out on the St. Clair River in Sarnia (canada) and the conditions were ****. IN-your-face wind...big waves and all that. BUT I stuck it out. Even with the 11', I could not get much of a cast one-handed and though I was indicator fishing (read: not much line out/needed), a simple kack-hand type of scandi underhand tuck...and I had no problem shooting out MORE than enough line....and I wasn't using any type of shooting head what-so-ever (i.e. I had my 'regular' nymphing reel on, not my 1990)

I wouldn't be concerned about the LSI...I think its a pretty decent rod...AND for the price EVEN BEFORE the great. It takes a while...took me a while to get onto loading 2 handed casting but I now I am understanding THIS rod's dynamics, the casts are coming in line quite well. Predominately, I use single and double spey and snap t...and all work fine....basically, its not the rod, but the rod-user that is not working as good as it should...HAH.

Good luck

King Joe, Outa Here!
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