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Red face Re: Warranty on Winston rods?

Originally Posted by OldMan View Post
I'm sorry but Winston won't. Even if the rod has a warranty card it won't be honored by Winston if you can't prove you bought it from an authorized dealer.

Sometimes you'll find a Winston on ebay that is new from a dealer at a good price. It could have been used for a demo, or maybe they just want to move it out. In that case it could have a warranty, but they usually bring top dollar.
I just had to send in an old Sage 590 RPL and a Winston 586 3 piece IM6 for repair as my SIL broke the tips off those rods and one old bamboo rod that was refinished by a cusom rod maker. He was just mean (SIL)

To cut to the chase. Winston may quote this, and; then you get a call. It may be slmost 300 % more.
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