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I have a place located on the IL river an hour or south of chicago, and am plenty familiar with Asian carp. People group three species of carp under this same name. (Grass Carp, Bigheads, and Silvers) Unfortunately I get to deal with all three. The silvers seem to be the most prolific, and the ones I consider the largest threat.

I've now had the place for several years now, and in just the few years I've witnessed first hand, it seems they have really taken over. I see more of them every year and fewer game fish. I honestly do not think they can thrive in the great lakes, but my main fear is that if they get there, it will give them an avenue into all the tributaries where they can possibly thrive, spread, and eventually take over.

It's a huge problem, and I do not feel that the measures being put in place are adequate to prevent the spread of these invasive species. In the long run I honestly don't think they will be stopped, as all its going to take is some guy capturing a few minnows in a trap, driving an hour, and releasing the remaining bucket into new territory.

Its an unfortunate situation.

This is how serious the situation is in my home waters. (mute the volume as there is fowl language, I'm not affiliated with this video). Note: Its not this bad everywhere, but when they pile up like this, they do not leave much room for other species to thrive. I'm familiar with the area this video was shot in, its just a few minutes away!

I post this to bring awareness of what can possibly happen to other waters, if further safeguards are not employed.
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