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Default Eager to Learn, New to Ohio

Hey everyone!

I have only posted on the forum one other time about a year ago, but now being in college, especially up here in the North (me being from Texas0, I am very eager to get on the water more and more. I wasn't too hot and heavy for fly fishing, until I visited Alaska this past summer. Our last stop was in Fairbanks and we had a day to kill before we left for home, and since the whole graduation gift, my grandfather took me to a fly shop to buy me another fly rod, since I hadn't brought mine. We spent a whole morning and afternoon back in the woods off the side of the road by the creek, and that is what made me fall in love with the sport. Having the beauty of Alaska and just getting to enjoy being outdoors fly fishing really made me decide to be more active.

Being from Texas, I'm not really used to fishing in faster moving water, only in ponds and small creeks for bream, rockfish and bass. I go to school in Columbus and a few weekends back I traveled with a few friends to Oil City, PA to hang out at a cabin and I brought my fly rod so I could get some fishing done. Again it was a great experience (not quite as pretty as Alaska in the summer) but still really nice to be in the more northern part of the country.

Right now, i am an open book for learning about fly fishing up here. Any help on where to go or what to use, or even what I will be fishing for is helpful, not really knowing what seasons are for what type of fish. Also, if there are any more experienced members that i could possibly meet up with a few times before spring rolls around, that would be fantastic!!! Again I am looking for ANY help! Help me enjoy the sport more and catch some fish!
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