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Default Re: Pflueger Medalist reel advice needed

I pulled up this old post for you. (Note: It was pulled up from a few years ago........... That's why why you see the snow reference.)

__________________________________________________ __________

Winter is starting to get too long, it took me three hours to shovel my driveway this morning, and once I got done with that I didn't have much left to do today. With all this snow, It doesn't look like Ill be able to get out fishing this week, so I figured why not convert my 1492.5 Medalist over to left hand retrieve.

I ended up re-shaping one of the springs, and flipped one of the paws. I then removed the other paw, and all of its hardware in an attempt to lighten things up a little, (I don't think it needed two anyways, one is enough). next I drilled out the frame so the reels line guard could be moved over to the other side..

Click the image to open in full size.

Since I already messed with the reel and it was no longer original, my thinking was why stop now? Next, I drilled out the foot and removed some of the excess aluminum.

Click the image to open in full size.

They all come right hand wind. Here is a detailed photo, and I'll try to explain how to change over the direction of the wind over to the left hand.

Click the image to open in full size.

The photo is color coordinated with the steps.

Step #1 Push this pin down (not out, just down) with a small punch.

Step #2 Remove this spring, and bend it so it looks similar to the one in the photo, then re-install it.

Step #3, Rotate the Paw to this position. Notice how one of the paws three tips is truncated. This truncated tip will need to be pointing to the left.

Step #4 You will have to play with the spring a little bit, to get the ideal bend, to maximize the paws performance. The blue line represents the axis that I used. (If the "contact tip" of the paw points strait at the spindle, the retrieve will be close to neutral. The more the paws "contact tip" points towards the left of the spindle (See Picture), the easier it will be to retrieve in a left hand wind configuration If you bend the spring too much, and the "contact tip" of the paw points to far towards the left, it will eventually not make contact with the cog, and it will stop engaging. The closer you can get to this point without exceeding it, the easier your reel will be to retrieve.

Step #5 Push the pin back up from the backside of the reel.

If you have any other questions, let us know.
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