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Default Re: Give carp a try!

After watching the video again, I really like it, but I have a few comments:

Erin Block seems to be promoting a book. She tries to act like a college educated girl? LOL Nice girl, but seems to be shacking up with a semi-retarded guy Jay Zimmerman? She didn't measure the coffee before putting it in the grinder ...... probably doesn't give a sh!t? Maybe too busy writing books?

The pond seems to be polluted and in a development? All the carp had legions / sores on them. They would have had more fun with bluegills and UL fly rods, but the vid looks like carp are the only fish that can tolerate that sewage pond? I'll bet that they asked permission to fish that pond? Jay doesn't seem to be able to afford to live there?

Final point: When Jay was tying the fly, he went on and on about how the stupid sickly carp would break his line! WTF? Like I said before, he seemed semi-retarded to me!

But I still liked the vid! Fly fishing for carp is neat!
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