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Default Have an urge foor a pflueger

Well... I putting together my first rig and I've been researching reels.... Rod is a St Croix Reign 9' #6.... Was gonna get an Okuma Vashon, or a Sierra... Now for some reason I kinda want to get a 1494 & 1495... Just like the classic lines of the Pflueger. The Vashon was really impressive when I handled it - but it "looked" really wide and blocky... probably a factor of the size\stype of the arbor. Nothing says I can't have more than one reel, and figure I will probably need another reel if\whenI head north towards Erie where I might hook into something bigger and closer to the limit of my stick.

Opinions, advice?

Oh, anyone know where I can get an exploded diagram of the pfluegers so that I can detail strip and clean\repair\refurb them.... If I go ebay hunting there's no telling wht I'll come across.
Steve Uhall
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