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Default Rotated Guide on Shakespeare 1280T Fly Rod?

Good evening everybody,

Altho I have never before used a fly rod, I've just acquired several old fly rods from my grandfather's garage. One of them is a Shakespeare 1280T, made in Jul 1951. One feature on it has me puzzled, and I haven't had any luck searching for an answer on the web. I'd appreciate any insight any of you can offer.

The front seat for the reel is non-movable, so in the following description, I'll use that as a reference for the 12 o'clock position as we look down the rod from the butt to the tip.

The first (largest) guide is a standard double-foot guide, and the others (not including the tip) are wire snake guides. The first guide is rotated to the right 90 degrees so that it sits at the 3 o'clock position from the reel seat. The second guide (the snake guide) is back at the 12 o'clock position. Both of these two guides are on the butt piece of the two-piece rod.

Is this rotation an intentional design feature? The wrapping for both of the guides looks to be of the same quality, skill, diameter, color and age. So I find it hard to believe the double-foot guide came off and was reattached. Anybody with the skill and caring to do such a quality job surely would not have accidently rotated the guide 90 degrees. But I also find it hard to believe this is an intentional design feature from Shakespeare. An equipment guy at the Orvis shop in San Destin agrees it appears original, but has never heard of the first guide being rotated.

What do you folks say? Accident or design? If design, who & why?

Thanks much for your time, and for any help you can offer.

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